Security Awareness Training

Protecting your organisation from cyber threats such as phishing has never been more important.

Clarity offer a range of flexible and powerful security awareness solutions.


The best way to understand your business's vulnerability to phishing scams is to launch a simulated phishing attack on your own employees. Our phishing training service will let you send safe yet convincing emails and text messages to your team and report back on how many of them viewed, responded or reported the messages. 


Valuable report data is fed back to managers that can be used to demonstrate strength and resilience, or to identify areas for improvement.


We understand that it can be disruptive to introduce new training initiatives, so we can offer training opportunities in a number of ways.

Online Interactive Training

Helpful analytics informed by the phishing testing software can recommend training programmes to individual users based on their vulnerabilities. 

The experience can be tailored to suit the security stance of each organisation so it's easy to find the right balance between security and convenience that suits you. Online training can be undertaken by anyone at any time at a pace that suits each person.

In Person Live Training

Clarity is very pleased to offer training packages that focus on engagement and meaningful learning. We have been tailoring training packages for clients that prefer a human-lead experience for professional development. One of our most popular training sessions focuses on cyber security awareness that can be bespoke for each company's particular requirements. For more information on our staff training offering, visit our Staff Training page


It sounds obvious, to avoid forgetting something important, humans need reminders. That's why we strongly encourage businesses to consider a rolling program of cyber awareness training rather that a single 'fire and forget' approach.

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