Reporting Services

Keeping on top of your IT estate can be time consuming. Clarity's reporting services puts the data you need at your finger tips.

Clarity have developed two reporting offerings that pull data from several sources into one, easy to access source. These reports have been developed with different use cases in mind:

Quarterly Security Report

This report captures the necessary information to keep organisations apprised of their cyber security posture on a quarterly basis. These have been crafted to be used to demonstrate compliance with regulatory agencies, such as the GFSC, but are also very useful for unregulated organisations with an appetite to secure themselves from online threats. 

The report is prepared to be accessed primarily by managerial or board-level audiences as well as IT departments, providing a comprehensive technical summary of the company’s security landscape with clarity. The report is married with a commentary from our Information Security Officer and contains data from the following scans and services:

    • External vulnerability scan - checks external-facing IP addresses, such as your website,  for out of date certificates and other vulnerabilities
    • Network Infrastructure Health check - alerts you to switch, router and firewall health and upcoming dates of importance like updates and support expiry
    • Password security report- checks that users passwords don't feature in lists of hacked passwords, or share passwords with colleagues
    • Server and Endpoint Protection report- lists any computers whose antivirus is not reporting a healthy status
    • Windows Update Report - lists computers with outstanding Windows updates 
    • Email traffic analysis- several reports showing metrics on email traffic volume
    • Website filtering report - provides a breakdown of blocked website requests by category.

Monthly Reports

The Monthly report captures many of the same metrics as The Quarterly Security Report, but with greater frequency. It does away with technical commentaries and allows IT professionals greater control over the raw data from the report, allowing .csv exporting. It pulls together data from antivirus, infrastructure, endpoints, servers, web filtering, email into one portal. Additionally, SLA reports containing all service desk tickets and a third party applications report is included.

This report is aimed at larger organisations with dedicated IT departments or professionals with a particularly security-conscious stance.

Bespoke Reporting

Clarity's reporting services are in a constant cycle of improvement and development. Speak to us about your individual requirements.

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