Email Security

Without proper security, confidential emails can fall into the wrong hands and destroy your organisation's reputation.

Clarity can provide a suite of email protection and diagnostic tools that will help an organisation to find the right blend of security and convenience. 

Forensic Investigation and Incident Response

In the event that your organisation suffers a breach, perhaps through phishing, Clarity offer services related to the eradication of any malicious entity and then ascertaining the full scale of the compromise. 

Point to Point Email Encryption

Cyber criminals are able to intercept unencrypted messages sent by email. Even password protected files and documents are not immune to being broken into. Point to Point Encryption ensures that all of your email can only be read by the designated recipient and controls can be applied to prevent forwarding to third parties. 

Email Scanning and Filtering

Reduce attack vectors of scammers and online criminals by filtering out suspicious emails, spam and even emails originating from areas of the globe that you would not expect. 

Sender Authentication and Reputation Checks

If there's any part of your business that relies upon email being delivered to the person that it's supposed to go to, you'll want to make sure sender authentication is something that you've got covered. 

Threat and Intel Monitoring

How does your business keep abreast of the latest global cyber threats to your daily operation? Clarity can offer reports, attend meetings and other deliverables to keep your Board aware of the cyber security landscape.

eDiscovery, Litigation Support and Data Loss Prevention Services

Data investigations can be a difficult, time consuming process. In the event that your organisation needs to perform a data investigation, Clarity are equipped to provide support services to streamline the function and associated costs to the business. 


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