Cyber Security

What is Cyber Security?

We can provide the technical solutions available to protect, detect and respond to a cyber-attack.

Cyber Security is an ongoing relationship, and one we take very seriously. We have over 25 years of experience in delivering robust and rounded client solutions. Our combined resources bring increased Information Governance and Security to tackle cyber events as they happen.

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Basic security hygiene still protects against 98% of attacks


Password-based attacks are the primary method by which accounts are compromised.


Lack of Information protection control: Identify your critical business data and where it is located

Cyber Security Services

Identify and assess Cyber Security and Data Governance risk

Clarity experts can assist you and measure and understand your Information Governance and Cyber Security risk. From holistic Chief Information Security Officer as a service to specific advice on local Data Protection and Cyber Security requirements, Clarity enables businesses to demonstrate fulfilment of their corporate governance obligations.

Essentially protect corporate data

Securely designed systems and security aware staff protect corporate data. Clarity managed projects deliver defence in depth solutions for communication, web and system security. Clarity designed user training assures corporate data remains protected. Clarity Security Awareness training is modern, interactive and available in person from our refurbished training facility, at your office or online.

Critically detect data loss

As modern system complexity increases exponentially, separating relevant signal from noise becomes increasingly difficult. Clarity Managed Detection and Response services monitor millions of signals from business systems 24/7 to proactively detect and prevent data loss. Technology led Phishing and Business Email Compromise detection protect your systems before malicious messages are delivered.

Acknowledging accidents happen is the first step in detecting and preventing data loss. Clarity user training prevents fraudulent data loss by enhancing security awareness to spot outliers. Clarity online security awareness training delivers locally appropriate crafted Phishing emails, providing staff with confidence to report suspicious communications.

Respond and act fast, think like your opponent

Clarity Digital Forensic Incident Response services are delivered by experienced staff who understand system compromise and act quickly to analyse, contain and recover systems. Qualified Clarity system engineers have the in-depth knowledge required to stand up and support business continuity systems if an incident occurs. Certified Clarity Pen Testing simulates current hacking techniques to detect exploitable flaws in business systems.

With the ability to process unstructured data at a rate of over 1TB per day from an ISO accredited secure local data centre Clarity eDiscovery and Managed Review services offer full-service capability from preservation to technical production.

Plan to rebuild, restore and validate after a Cyber Incident

Successful recovery after a Cyber Incident requires thorough advanced planning, preparation and exercise led testing. Clarity design assistance starts with system and business specific policies, procedures, plans and playbooks to deliver risk and cost-effective secure systems. Clarity audit services enable businesses to demonstrate compliance with internationally recognised Cyber Security and Data Governance standards. With regular system and threat intelligence reporting businesses establish known good system states from which validated rebuild and restoration is possible.

The Cyber Security Team at Clarity can help you to

3 P’s Everyone can do to reduce Cyber Security risk.


Use long, strong, unique, passphrases that are not used elsewhere.


Learn how to spot phishing emails and ensure others in your organisation and at home what to do with phishing emails.


Install security updates as soon as released to all your computers, devices and always use the latest version of applications.