Content Filtering

Emails and weblinks are a prime attack surface for cyber criminals. Talk to us about our multi-layered protection an filtering services.

Our Email Security Managed Service incorporates multiple technologies to ensure enterprise class threat detection rates with very high accuracy, over and above what single engine solutions can provide.

Email Filtering

Our Email Security Managed Service scans incoming messages and classifies them into different categories such as spam, malware, adult, bulk, virus, impostor and suspicious links. Outbound email filtering uses the same process of scanning messages from users before delivering any potentially harmful messages to other organisations.

With CEO fraud increasing exponentially, our Email Security Managed Service provides multi-layered protection to defend against the modern email threat.

Our solution can include Email Archiving, Email Encryption, Emergency Inbox, Image Content Analysis and Sandbox technology.  

Web Filtering

Clarity web filtering services enhance your security by blocking malicious domains, IP addresses and cloud applications before a connection is ever established. In this way, phishing links are much more likely to be blocked before users are able to enter any sensitive information.

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