Staff Training

Equipping your staff with the right IT tools is only half the battle. Clarity understands that it is equally crucial to support your team in the best use of these tools, so we create bespoke training packages to match our clients' needs.

Make your investments work harder

Ensure staff can access the tools and features they need to maximise the value of your organisation's IT  investments. 

Engaging and Well-Paced

Clarity employ two former teachers to deliver our training packages. Using their expertise and experience, you can say goodbye to stale slideshows and forgettable experiences.

Exactly what you want

Say 'no' to one size fits all. From office and productivity applications, to cyber security awareness courses - even your line of business software - Clarity training can be tailored to your exact requirements.

Home or away, we can provide the training experience that you're looking for

Our purpose built training room is a great venue for training, or we can come to you! What ever works best for you and your colleagues. We'll even package our training up to deliver remote training online via video call.

Clarity delivers value as well as quality

We find per-person fees to be prohibitive, but we don't like to dilute the quality of our sessions by cramming too many participants into a session; that's why we offer discounts on packages for large teams that can be split into different sessions.

Make a habit of it

Don't treat training as a one-off. Build on your training investment with annual training plans! It's a smart way to keep important skills at the forefront of your team's way of working, and it keeps 100% of your colleagues trained at the same level. To keep things fresh, we never repeat the same session and keep them topped up with appropriate topics and content.

Impactful Learning

Our trainers like to include interactivity and summative assessment quizzes. In this way, you can feel confident that your team has learned what you needed them to.

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