Process Automation

What is Process Automation?

The arguments for process automation really stack up...

When your business processes are built around manual work, multiple sources of data and disconnected systems, it is easy to get stuck in a cycle of throwing more people at a problem. People are expensive and difficult to find.

Automation gives a different approach…

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69 Days

Office workers spend 69 days per year on average on repetitive administrative tasks.


CEOs spend 20% of their time on automatable tasks like reviewing reports and analysing data.


40% of productivity loss results from constant task-switching.


Free up time for the important work

To meet deadlines, we often have to complete mundane or repetitive tasks. That could be gathering information for a client report, reconciling transactions and cross-checking that information is correct. We may be doing this work ourselves, or tasking one of our team to do it. Whatever the approach, it takes up time that could be better spent elsewhere.

Automating these tasks frees time. Time that can be spent doing more profitable work, or taking on more clients, or maybe allowing us to leave on time today.

You choose where you want to automate (and where you don’t!)

You can deploy intelligent automation across entire processes or integrate it as part of existing processes. Your users can do the high-value and skilled work, leaving automation to step in and assist with the boring and mundane tasks. Maximise your department’s capacity and efficiency and relieve them of the parts of their job that cause unhappiness.

Eliminate errors and improve outcomes

Repetitive manual data entry and document processes can be tedious, contributing to staff turnover and mistakes, which can lead to costly errors and the possibility of reputational damage. Automated processes do not suffer from these human flaws, accurately delivering accelerated outcomes.

Improve existing technology

Integrate automation with your existing business applications, improving their functionality and delivering straight-though processing without the need for manual intervention.

Fast deployment

Deliver solutions quickly without the need for coding. We can sit with your teams to map and deliver intelligent automation to take the mundane tasks away from your staff.

Save time by automating tasks such as:

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