Oak Win the Tri-Company Pool Cup

19 April 2024

The final round of the Ravenscroft - Oak - Clarity pool competition

took place at The Garden in the Ravenscroft offices on 29th February. The scores from the previous two rounds were even at six points each and any of the three teams could have walked away with the trophy.

The Clarity team of Rory Whelan, Matt Neville, Matt Hale, Ross Martel, Doug Belford and Phil Stacey-Goldberg cued well but decided to follow team orders to leave our two clients to compete for the trophy. Oak and Ravenscroft fought hard, with Oak taking the honours and the trophy.

Third Round hosts Ravenscroft made all of us feel very welcome and provided a tasty spread of delicious Portuguese food and a great performance from their in-house band.

Special thanks to all the organisers, players and supporters for making this a fantastic tournament!