Clarity Champions Conquer the Saffery Walk!

08 June 2024

In the early hours of a serene Guernsey morning, a team known as the Clarity Champions embarked on a remarkable journey, participating in the esteemed Saffery Rotary Walk.

This event, a cornerstone of community spirit and charitable giving, saw these six intrepid souls from Clarity take on the challenge as a relay team, navigating the island's diverse terrain from rugged cliff paths to baking asphalt. Their determination was unmatched, setting a brisk pace that had them nearly outpacing the sunrise and the very checkpoints set to guide them.

As the first relay team to cross the finish line, the Clarity Champions lived up to their name - their legs carried them swiftly past the checkpoints before they were even set up, surprising smiling passers by and early risers alike.

Many of the Clarity Champion members have been very active in local endurance events, such as the recent Guernsey marathon, where's Clarity's relay team placed fifth overall. 

Aside from the Clarity Champions speedy relay team, Clarity's Gavin Dodd completed the entire walk solo with a respectable finish time of 7.30pm.

The Saffery Rotary Walk celebrated its 100th anniversary this year and a record breaking funds raised of over £100,000. More information can be found at home - Saffery Rotary Walk.